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BLF is alive and kicking!

First of all, huge thanks to all those who supported us back in 2019, we really appreciate each and every one of you.

Since 2019, Team BLF have been bubbling away behind the scenes. We had plenty of ideas in the pipeline and were ready to make the 2020 festival even bigger and better... but, we all know what happened with that!

The on going pandemic has affected us all in different ways, but we are looking to the future and are planning to put something together for the end of this year (in person or virtual!).

New logo designed by Mary at Black Dog Graphics

Got something to share?

We are always look to support new, emerging talent, as well as host those more season writers, artists and illustrators.

If you have something exciting to share with us please do get in contact on

Keep up to date:

We are most active on our Facebook page, however, you can also follow our story and stay connected on instagram and twitter.

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